1. Introduction

This HOWTO aims to explain how to create a DVD that your standalone DVD unit can properly play. This HOWTO assumes you will make one purchase that will make the entire process very easy. The pivotal piece of equipment is a Canopus ADVC-100 (http://dv411.com/advc100.html). This device will take an analog input and do a raw video capture and push it out a firewire port. Incidentally, the ADVC-100 can also convert in the opposite direction, though we won't need that here. It's a fantastic piece of equipment. It's so good that the local skydiving wind tunnel uses one to create DVD's of your video in the tunnel. It is highly unlikely that they're using Linux to do this, but with some scripting, it would be possible.

1.1. Program Requirements

If you have program versions less than any of these, this HOWTO will not work. It will fail with strange or cryptic error messages. Please make sure you are running all current versions of these packages.